Our policy

So what is our policy when it comes to breeding and our cattery?
Actually i can give a real short answer.....health and personality have the highest priority with keeping the type in mind.
Below i will describe each point more thoroughly.

We only breed with cats that are tested. This means they will have at least been tested for HCM/PKD via ultrasound and Felv/FIV. Our cats will be tested for this when they are old enough. But mostly all our cats will be tested for:

  • PKD via ultrasound (thoroughly exam of the kidneys). The DNA tests are not complete enough. It is not validated for every breed and besides that there are many genes (but not discovered yet) who could be responsible to develop PKD. So our preference is to test via ultrasound. This way they can see the whole kidney as PKD is not the only problem that can occur in the kidneys.
  • HCM via ultrasound (thoroughly exam of the heart) as with the kidneys they can see if there are other problems beside HCM.
  • FIV en FeLV (Bloodtest for aids en contagious leukemia) 
  • The females will have a bloodgroup test if there is suspicious of the B bloodgroup. Depending on the result the male wil also be tested.
  • PL (knees) 
  • All white cats will be BAER tested. We only breed with cats that can hear 100%.

Inbreeding precentage

We try to keep our inbreeding percentage as low as possible and to broaden the genetic diversity. Sometimes we decide to breed with a cat that has a higher percentage because of his/her positive features. To breed such a cat with a partner that has a low percentage you can lower the percentage of the offspring.  

We have nothing to hide and are willing to go deeper into the subject, so if you would have any questions about this please feel free to ask us.

You have to realize that the inbreeding percentage is not the main important thing to consider. There are many factors that a breeder takes in consideration to make a certain combination that can be just as valuable.  

We want to deliver kittens that have a great personality, so we will do everything to give them the best socialisation.  
When we make our breedingplans this will be one of the priorities. 
All our kittens grow up in our home and family so they will get used to all daily noises like TV, vacuumcleaner and so on.
Besides that they are used to other cats as they grow up in our group

Once they reach a certain age we welcome visitors. This is also a part of the socialisation progress.

In every breed you can see several types. also within the Turkish Angora breed. We give preference to the more elegant type with the large upright ears. This doesn't mean we don't like the other types. We have them also in our home and can be a valuable asset to the breeders community. We shall therefore not disclose this type for our breeding program. 

I think it is mainly a matter of taste and interpretation of the standard. Personally i have no problems with the different types (in contrast to other breeders) and i appreciate all cats. As long as the type does not come in the way of health it should be possible.

We strive to breed beautiful healthy kittens with great personality. Breeding is more than putting to nice typed cats together of with nice colors. In my eyes you choose a certain combination that will compensate the weak points and to hold the good points of the cats. 

Not always an easy "job" but certainly fun and interesting.

The wellbeing of our cats goes hand in hand with health. We want to keep our group of cats as stable as possible. An instable group can lead to nasty situations between the cats. It can diminish their immune system due to the stress. This means that we don't want our group to be "too" large and every now and then we have to choose to rehome one of the younger adults.

We love to go to shows and you can find us regularly on one. Because the wellbeing of the cat has a high priority in our cattery we only bring cats to show who do not have a problem with it. If we see a cat doe not like it we won't bring him/her with us anymore. Luckily most of our cats just love all the attention that they get on the shows.

Besides our Cattery policy we also have a kitten policy


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