Sometimes it is necessary to rehome 1 of our cats. We want all our cats to have a happy and stable live. In a bigger group such as in a cattery this might change for a cat. It is also very important to have a stable group of cats in a cattery. Instability in a group can lead to problems among the cats and therefore they might be more susceptible for health complaints due to a lower immune system caused by stress. We try to keep the stress level in our group as low as possible and yes that means that sometimes we have to make difficult decisions.

If we think that it will be better for one of our cats or for our group then we shall search a new home for this cat. We love and care for all of our cats and we are very diligent in our search for the best home.
These cats are fully vaccinated, dewormed, are chipped and have a pedigree. We ask an adoption fee and they will be placed with a contract.
The cats that had offspring are tested for HCM and PKD via ultrasound, PL, FIV / FeLV.
They will be spayed / neutered before they move to their new home.


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