We give our cats a natural diet as much as possible. This means a RAW food and every now and then a highly qualitative wetfood and prey.
For a number of years we have been given "Kiezebrink RAW mix".

We do not give our cats any dry food as a complete meal because we think this is against their nature. Dryfood is developed for the (economical) convenience of people. Ever since cats eat dryfood the percentage of kidney problems, urinary problems, oversensitive intestines and teethproblems has risen. To give a diet that is as natural as possible you create some advantages:

  • Better immune system so they do not get sick as easy. Better function of their intestines. The chance on urinary problems will lower.
  • Less coat shedding
  • The coat will be softer and shine more.
  • Less use of litter. Because the cat will digest more he will have less waist and it will be less moist. This ensures a more economical use of cat litter.
  • Less hairballs. Because the cats shed less, the cat will also spit out less hairballs. The chance of a blockage by a hairball also decreases.
  • More pleasant breath odor. Cats that receive poor quality food (can) smell a lot from their mouths. With raw fresh food this will not be present, unless there is something else medically wrong, of course.
  • The cat will feel appreciated and show off all the attention it receives from a carefully selected diet. A cat that feels good about itself will show that.

Advise and information about (raw)food?

Kiezebrink mix Available via animalfoodexpress
Bandit Biologic
compose yourself This requires more knowledge and time but is a step further in the direction of the natural diet of the cat. Thoroughly study this matter before you decide to give your cat its own meals. Omitting certain parts of an animal can have serious consequences for the animal and can do more damage than kibble.
Feed the prey animal model This method is the most natural diet a cat can eat. Not suitable for every household and cat, but certainly worth a try. By feeding whole prey you can be sure that the cat is getting everything it should have.
Prey animals can include day-old chicks, quail, mice, chickens, rabbits, rats, etc.
High quality wetfood Where it is necessary for kibble to give the kibble shape and structure, it is totally unnecessary for canned food to contain grains. The most important thing about a good canned food is that it contains no (or a very small amount) of grains, salt and sugar are also completely unnecessary and even very unhealthy for the cat.
In the supermarket you will not easily find good quality canned food. Some brands we recommend are:
Animonda Carny
Shiny Cat van Gimpet
Almo Nature
dryfood If this is given together with good canned food or raw food, then these are the cat foods with the highest quality ingredients, without odor and colorants:
Orijen Cat (Acana is the same brand)
Arden Grange
Almo Nature

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Never! give: boiled bones (boiled bones become rock hard and can therefore splinter), raw pork (because of bacteria that can make them sick)!


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