Before you buy a kitten, I recommend that you read a lot about cats and their care and the breed you think you want to buy. It is also important that you answer the following questions for yourself:

  1. Do you have time for a cat?
  2. If the cat needs extra care, do you have the time and money to give it to the cat?
  3. Does the breed you prefer suit you and your family?
  4. Realize that you are responsible for the cat as long as it lives, a cat can live up to 18 years old.
  5. Health

Do you have time for a cat?
If you are away more than 2 or 3 hours or even more per day, it is wiser and friendlier for the cat to buy not one but two. You can purchase them at the same time or with a break of several weeks. We are not in favor of letting the cats run freely outside. In today's society there are too many dangers for them. Think of :

  1. risk of poisoning (on purpose, or accidentally)
  2. chance of an accident (car, bicycle, mopeds, falling off / out of something)
  3. chance of abuse
  4. run away or get lost
  5. accidentally trapped in someone else's shed or garage
  6. I don't want my cat to cause nuisance to others (defecating / urinating in someone else's garden).
  7. fights with other cats
  8. being injured or bitten to death by a dog
  9. contract deadly diseases from stray cats such as fiv and felv
  10. theft

There are good options for letting your cat out safely, such as fencing off your yard, a cat run, and also a harness.

If the cat needs extra care, do you have the time and money to give it to the cat?
A cat needs good care, good nutrition, annual vaccinations and sometimes they can get sick just like you and need medical attention. Do you have the time to take care of your cat, or are you away from home all day? Will extra costs (sometimes very high, more than one hundred euros) be no objection if this occurs? It may be wise to insure the cat.

Does the breed you prefer suit you and your family?
Think carefully about the character of your preferred cat. And the maintenance of the coat. And does this fit into your family? If you want a long-haired cat, but not the maintenance of a Persian, for example, maybe a semi-long-haired cat like the Turkish Angora is for you.

Realize that you are responsible for the cat as long as it lives, a cat can live up to 18 years old. A kitten quickly becomes an adult cat, and with current care, a cat can reach a respectable age. Realize that a cat is for life, not something you will throw away if it no longer fits in your life or interior (this happens!). The cat is dependent on you and you are responsible for the good life of the cat.

Proceed to purchase.
When you are ready and have determined which breed you want a kitten from, you can call a breeder and inquire about kittens, socialization, environment and price. Never go to different breeders in one day without washing and changing your clothes, without wanting to, you can transmit something that will make the other kittens sick. Kittens (like babies) are particularly vulnerable and every home, including yours, has its own 'environment'.

Furthermore, you are responsible for which kitten you choose, not the breeder, not the club, only you. Make sure the environment where the kitten lives is clean, do all cats look healthy? Do the cats have dirty eyes, dirty noses, don't they sneeze? (Cat flu or just vaccinated) Have they clean ears? (Ear mites) Are their butts clean and not wet? (may indicate diarrhea). Also make sure that on the day you go to get your kitten he will look healthy and have none of the above symptoms, because then it is better that the kitten stays with the breeder for a while longer until it gets better. Moving is quite an event for a kitten, and this can lead to stress, which in turn lowers resistance, so your kitten is more susceptible to illness.

Price and agreements.
This often causes friction because this is not properly agreed. The purchase agreement is an agreement between the breeder and the new owner. Always agree on a price. The price you agree on is for a kitten of 12 weeks or as much older as the breeder wishes, never younger than 12 weeks. The kitten has been fully vaccinated against cat flu and cat disease, dewormed twice and will be delivered to you including a vaccination papers and pedigree (this can sometimes be a little later). It is also good to discuss with the breeder what his or her solution is if your kitten dies before, say, a year. The breeder has done his utmost to provide you with a healthy kitten, you should assume that. Unfortunately, not all physical imperfections can be seen or heard on the outside. It remains livestock. Obviously buying a kitten is a fun and enjoyable business and you may think that the above is a bit difficult. But besides being a lot of fun, it is also a very serious and responsible matter. And in order to keep it fun for you and your cat in the future, I think you should think about this carefully.

Ask the breeder about the tests and if you can view them! The most important health tests are HCM and PKD ultrasound and the FIV / FeLV test. Don't be fooled that these problems cannot occur in a particular breed! Unfortunately, these diseases occur in every breed. The breeders who do test for this are aware of this and will do everything they can to prevent this.


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