Kitten policy

All our kittens grow up in our family, between children, other cats and all other normal things in a household. Because of this they get a good socialisation. They are a real part of the family! Al our cats and kittens are very precious for us and therefore will get the best love and care to make sure they will develop the best way possible and be happy cats <3

We place all of our kittens with a contract. This can be seen and read beforehand and will be discussed with you when you come visit. This contract is there firt for the kitten, but also for you as a buyer and our cattery.

We do not sell a kitten if it is meant to let it roam free outside without supervision.

A definite option can be given from 4 weeks of age. From this age people may come visit us and the little ones. The first weeks we want to give the mother and the kittens as much rest as possible and they will stay in the nursery (read my bedroom ;-)) Of course you are welcome before to meet us and our cats. If you have visited us for a kitten we would like you to think about it after and so will we. It has to feel good from all sides, with you but also with us.

Because every cattery has his own "environment" we ask you to visit just 1 cattery a day and the cloths you wear to clean before you visit another cattery.

When you are interested i a kitten you can always ask for more information. On request we keep interested people informed to the best of our abilities. Once there is a definite option we will keep the new owners informed how their kitten(s) are doing to give regular updates with pictures via email and on our website. Sometimes it is because of everyday life and the the care and attention our cats need not always possible to respond to email or message on the same day. We ask you for your understanding for this.

Kittens born in our cattery may move to their new owner around 13/14 weeks. They have had two vaccination (panleukemia and influenza) en several times dewormed. Al our kittens are chipped.
When they will move abroad* the will get a rabies vaccine, because of the waiting time they will be able to move when they are at least 16 weeks old.
All our kittens will be neutered/spayed before the move to the new owner.

The white kittens always get a BAER test (= audiometrietest), so we know that they hear (fully). There will be a certificate given to the new owner of this.

When they move they will get with them:

- european passport.
- Pedigree /registration papers
- food for the first period (raw)
- copies of the test results from both parents

There is a differnce between a kitten as a pet or for breeding purposes. The price of a kitten as a pet is lower than the price for a kitten for breeding purposes. This doen'nt mean there is something wrong with the kitten. They are all qualified as great pets and/or show. Among other things of agreement with the breeders of the breeding cats we have from other cattery's we do not always have permission to sell kittens to other breeders. Personally we do not have any problems with this and we gladly follow these agreements.
Do you have intention to breed with one of our kittens? Please give notice about this in your email. Then we can see if your goals and intentions match ours as a cattery.

We always have and keep the right to deny selling a kitten to someone. 

If you have any questions about our kitten policy feel free to contact us!

* We do not ship our kittens via cargo! If they have to travel by plane they will travel in cabin. I travel a lot myself through europe and USA. Sometimes one of my friends are able to help or new owners can pick them up.


Please respect our terms!

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